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System Of A Down 2013-08-13 Atlas Arena, Lodz, Poland (Multicam)

SOURCE: Audience
LENGHT: 01:36:06
VIDEO: 720*576
AUDIO: 1536kbps
SIZE: 4,31 GB + 3,21 GB

01 Intro
02 Aerials
03 Suite-Pee (incomplete)
04 Prison Song
05 I-E-A-I-A-I-O
06 Soldier Side - Intro
07 B.Y.O.B.
08 Deer Dance
09 Radio/Video
10 Peephole
11 Hypnotize
12 Needles
13 DDevil
14 Lost In Hollywood
15 X
16 Suggestions
17 Psycho
18 Chop Suey!
19 Lonely Day
20 Question!
21 A.D.D.
22 Holy Mountains
23 Spiders
24 Cigaro
25 Toxicity
26 Sugar

Bonus Footage:
Before The Show (System89 source)
After The Show (Nomad source)

Mixed by: System89
Authored by: System89

Number of audio selections: 1 - FLAC (Soberonez), mixed with audio from other video sources
Lineage: PANASONIC NV-GS80, Panasonic Lumix, Sony HDR-TD20VE, unknown
Tapers: System89, Justyna S., Grzegorz W., Tomasz J., Nomad, Anidamaru, Robby.
Subtitles: System89 (also Tomasz J. and Natalia K. helped with translation)

Multicam made by System89 from the following sources:

System89: filmed back, center stands with TZ25, full show
System89: filmed front right site with Lumix TZ20, full show
Ewigeil: filmed rear right site with Panasonic FZ-45, 20min show
Grzegorz W: filmed from center stands with Lumix DMC-TZ61, full show
Tomasz J.: filmed rear left Site with iPhone 4, full show
Nomad: filmed near the scene from 'Golden Circle' Sony HDR-TD20VE, full show
Anidamaru: filmed close to the stage with Lumix TZ20, full show
Robby: filmed back, right side with PANASONIC NV-GS80, full show
System Of A Down 2013-08-13 Atlas Arena, Lodz, Poland (Multicam) System Of A Down 2013-08-13 Atlas Arena, Lodz, Poland (Multicam)