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Rage Against The Machine 2000 Revolution USA?

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Ever since Rage Against the Machine's anger and adrenaline fueled tracks first made it out of the studio and ingnited the world with their mix of rap metal and politics the band has remained essentially elusive; but, here for the first time on film, we place the band, their music and their politics in context.
Over the course of their seven years existence Rage Againt the Machine have sold more than seven millin records, they've been tear gassed, boycotted, trashed by the butt ignorand media and seem in constant danger of splitting up. Revolution USA? examines their roots and history as well as prividing and insight into their causes and motivation. Rage Against the Machine provide a slammin' musical antidote to the lies, bull and apathy of everyday experience. Without Rage Against the Machine there could have been no Korn or Limp Bizkit, but despite the commercial pressure that have threatened to rip the band apart they are still here with their new album, the groundbreaking Battle For L.A. Zack de la Rocha's lyrics are an incitement to revolt and the guitar of Tom Morello gives music to lead the revolution. CONTAINS MATERIAL NEVER SEEN BEFORE.
Rage Against The Machine 2000 Revolution USA? Rage Against The Machine 2000 Revolution USA?