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(hed) P.E.

(hed) P.E. 1997-06-10 Old World, Huntington Beach, CA, USAAUD (hed) P.E. 1997-09-20 Bojangles, Sacramento, CA, USAAUDRT (hed) P.E. 1997-12-10 America West Arena, Phoenix, AZ, USAAUD
(hed) P.E. 1998-01-31 Boston's, Tempe, AZ, USAAUDVHS (hed) P.E. 1998-02-24 Roadhouse Ruby's North, Kansas City, MO, USAAUDVHSRT (hed) P.E. 1998-05-06 Maritime Hall, San Francisco, CA, USAAUDVHS (hed) P.E. 1998-08-09 Metropol, Pittsburgh, PA, USAAUDwith Soulfly (hed) P.E. 1998-08-11 Granada Theater, Lawrence, KS, USAAUD (hed) P.E. 1998-09-08 Key Club, West Hollywood, CA, USAAUDVHS (hed) P.E. 1998-09-26 State Theatre, Detroit, MI, USAAUDVHS (hed) P.E. 1998-09-26 State Theatre, Detroit, MI, USAAUDfeat Soulfly (hed) P.E. 1998-10-13 Chili Pepper, Fort Lauderdale, FL, USAAUDVHS
(hed) P.E. 1999-02-02 First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN, USAAUD2 Cam MixRT (hed) P.E. 1999-04-22 Parking Lot Jam, Memphis, TN, USAAUD (hed) P.E. 1999-04-22 New Daisy Theatre, Memphis, TN, USAAUDVHS (hed) P.E. 1999-06-08 PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ, USAAUD (hed) P.E. 1999-06-17 Metropolis, Montreal, QC, CanadaAUD (hed) P.E. 1999-06-22 The Warehouse, Toronto, ON, CanadaAUDRT
(hed) P.E. 2000-05-19 Bash on Ash, Tempe, AZ, USAAUDVHS (hed) P.E. 2000-09-03 Webster Theater, Hartford, CT, USAAUDVHS (hed) P.E. 2000-11-10 Roseland Ballroom, New York, NY, USAAUD (hed) P.E. 2000-11-26 Civic Auditorium, Fargo, ND, USAAUDVHS
(hed) P.E. 2001-01-25 Paradiso, Amsterdam, NetherlandsPROOcular Music (hed) P.E. 2001-02-03 Boardercross Festival 2001, Kursaal, Oberstdorf, GermanyPRO (hed) P.E. 2001-02-03 Boardercross Festival 2001, Kursaal, Oberstdorf, GermanyPROHigh GenRT (hed) P.E. 2001-05-02 Irving Plaza, New York, NY, USAAUD (hed) P.E. 2001-06-01 Rock am Ring 2001, Nurburgring, Nurburg, GermanyPRO (hed) P.E. 2001-06-17 The Metro Theatre, Sydney, AustraliaAUDLeft (hed) P.E. 2001-06-18 Club Eleven, Sydney, AustraliaAUDVHS
(hed) P.E. 2003-06-08 KPNT 105.7 Pointfest 15, UMB Bank Pavilion, Maryland Heights, MO, USAAUDxxmrk0rnxxRT (hed) P.E. 2003-07-05 Summerfest 2003, Henry W. Maier Festival Park, Milwaukee, WI, USAAUDxxmrk0rnxxRT
(hed) P.E. 2008-03-08 Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle, AustraliaAUDRT
(hed) P.E. 2009-09-09 Culture Room, Fort Lauderdale, FL, USAAUDDigicam
(hed) P.E. 2010-03-19 Trix Club, Borgerhout, BelgiumAUDDigicam (hed) P.E. 2010-03-23 Tivoli, Utrecht, NetherlandsAUDDigicam HD 720 (hed) P.E. 2010-04-10 GlavClub, Saint-Petersburg, RussiaAUDDigicam
(hed) P.E. 2011-01-30 Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle, AustraliaAUDSS666
(hed) P.E. 2012-02-03 Manning Bar, University of Sydney, Sydney, AustraliaAUDSS666 (hed) P.E. 2012-04-03 Milk Club, Moscow, RussiaAUDHD 720 (hed) P.E. 2012-04-04 Aurora Concert Hall, Saint-Petersburg, RussiaAUDHD 1080 (hed) P.E. 2012-10-18 Station 4, St. Paul, MN, USAAUDSS666RT
(hed) P.E. 2013-08-18 Hempfest 2018, Myrtle Edwards Park on the Waterfront, Seattle, WA, USAPROWebcast HD 1080